Vicolo della Fontana

Immagine del luogo

Vicolo della Fontana was the ancient access to the town, going up from the river. It was the only road that connected the bridge (or the entrance door for goods) to the market area, currently Piazza della Repubblica.

. In fact, the provincial road in use today did not exist until the beginning of the 19th century

It is common-knowledge, that Castel del Rio was next to the Gothic Line during the Second World War.

Freed by the Allies on 27th September 1944, the community became an outpost of the front, which stayed in the Santerno valley for eight long months. The bombings seriously damaged its buildings.

Luckily, the Vicolo della Fontana remained almost completely intact, allowing visitors to admire the original layout of the complex dating back to the 17th century.

The streets and stone walls testify the ancient technical-construction methods. The fountain, from which the alley takes its name is located at the very beginning of the road.

There are also two sandstone sculptures dating back to the 1890s here today, a pregnant woman and a shell, both symbols of fertility.

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